NACF Summit - February 5-6, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico. Leaving No One Behind

Schedule – Day Two

Tuesday, February 6

Plenary #3 | Emperador 2–4
Community philanthropy leadership and impact for the SDGs

9:30 – 11:00 am

Community foundations are critical actors in leading social change locally. How can community philanthropy expand its reach, innovate its approach, and engage broader stakeholders to have larger impact, especially if we hope to achieve ambitious targets set by the Global Goals? Hear from a panel of community foundation leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada about what makes our field unique and where we must go next to ensure we leave no one behind.

  • Diana Chavarri Executive Director of Fundación Comunitaria // Directora Ejecutiva de la Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte
  • Augustin Landa Garcia-Téllez Vice-President of Development, Universidad de Monterrey // Vicerrector de Desarrollo de la Universidad de Monterrey
  • Lisa Kolody Board Member, Community Foundations of Canada; Executive Director, Windsor-Essex Community Foundation // Miembro de la Junta, Community Foundations of Canada; Directora Ejecutiva del Windsor-Essex Community Foundation
  • Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D. CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation // CEO Fundador del Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Concurrent Sessions C

11:30 – 1:00 pm

Learning from abroad to improve quality of life at home | Emperador 2-4

North American communities are not alone in facing the universal challenges of sustainable development. The SDGs provide new opportunities for learning across borders. This session unpacks how community foundations can implement best practices from global organizations when piloting new community initiatives and creating solutions to systemic issues. Speakers will discuss new ways to identify solutions to local problems that can be piloted at home and contextualized for each community.
Andrea DicksChief Operating Officer, Community Foundations of Canada
Shuma PanseSenior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Lisa SchallaExecutive Director, Fundación Punta de Mita
Natalie Ross, Vice President of External Relations, Council on Foundations

Meaningfully engaging a new realm of donors for local action | Emperador 1

[Download slides]

In this session, learn how community foundations can more meaningfully engage and reach untapped groups, such as millennials, next generation wealth creators, diaspora populations, and low-income neighborhoods looking to take action. What are some key ways to engage, connect and create value among these groups that are too often not engaged in community foundation activities? How can these untapped groups partner with community foundations to align their philanthropy with a broader community vision? How can the SDGs introduce new ways of giving that help communities respond rapidly to the needs of all in their community or during times of crisis? Explore all this and more in this deep dive about the future of donor engagement and philanthropy.
Jennifer Chavez RubioSenior Director of Global Engagement, Medtronic
Misti SanganiChief Donor Experience & Engagement Officer, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sondra Shaw HardyIndependent Consultant
Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations

Technology developments and implications for communities and the global goals | Emperatriz 2

Across the continent, technology is increasingly impacting communities. In some places, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are taking away jobs through automation, while in others a lack of affordable access to technology and the Internet is limiting the potential for growth and development. This session looks at how technology will impact the workforce and communities of the future. It also explores existing tools that are currently available to support community foundations in measuring and making progress on the SDGs.
Lauren BradfordDirector, Global Partnerships, Foundation Center
Guillermo OrtegaDirector, Media-Lab 21
Rasool RayaniBoard Member, Community Foundations of Canada
Sally NgBoard Member, Community Foundations of Canada

We can do more! Community foundations influencing public policy | Emperatriz 3

Right now there’s an opportunity for community foundations to partner with local, regional and national governments, as well as other actors, in working towards the SDGs. Join this session to hear case studies of how  community foundations have successfully played a role in developing regional public policy through the creation of multi-sectoral partnerships with governments, non-profits, and the private sector.
Kevin McCort, Board Member, Community Foundations of Canada; President & CEO, Vancouver Foundation
Kevin MurphyPresident & CEO, Berks County Community Foundation
David Pérez RulfoGeneral Director, Corporativa de Fundaciones, Guadalajara
Octavio Rivero, CEO, Fundación Comunitaria de Cozumel

Concurrent Sessions D

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Community ties across borders: New approaches to mapping relationships and facilitating collaboration | Emperador 1

How can communities build effective relationships across borders? This session highlights two initiatives that are exploring cross-border engagement in new ways. Learn about the Building Broader Communities in the Americas project involving United States and Mexican funders who have mapped transnational communities to examine local issues like immigration, remittances, and corporate investment. This session also shares learning and experiences from the U.S.- Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership which over the last decade has engaged 300 American and Mexican community foundations in philanthropy throughout the border region.
Maggi AlexanderPartner and Director, TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy, Boston Foundation/TPI
Andy CareyExecutive Director, U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership
Nicolas Foucras, Ph. D.Tecnológico de Monterrey, Comunidar
Patricia Murrieta Cummings, Ph. D.Laboratorio de Estudios Económicos y Sociales, Corporativa de Fundaciones
Mario PorrasDirector of Binational Affairs, El Paso Community Foundation
Michael Layton, Ph. D.Senior Program Specialist, Inter-American Foundation

Reconciliation and economic justice for Indigenous peoples | Emperador 2-4

Canada, Mexico and the United States all have Indigenous communities impacted by the legacy of colonialism and continued after effects of economic inequality, social injustice and systemic racism. However, encouragingly the balance of power is shifting. At a recent UN General Assembly, Canada pledged a commitment to the process of Reconciliation involving Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Across the continent, there is also a growing self-determination movement emerging among Indigenous communities centred around the principle: “Nothing about us without us”. This workshop embeds Indigenous perspectives from all three countries and explores how community foundations can “decolonize” their existing assumptions and approaches to philanthropy.
Sarah Eagle-HeartPresident, Native Americans in Philanthropy
Tim FoxDirector of Indigenous Relations, Calgary Foundation
Nashieli Ramírez HernándezPresident, Human Rights Commission of Mexico City

Lourdes IngaExecutive Director, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

Victoria GrantBoard Member, Community Foundations of Canada

Utilizing impact investment to leverage scarce resources: Case studies from the United States, Mexico and Canada | Emperatriz 2

[Download slides]

From economic development and housing supports to climate change and poverty eradication, impact investing is being used to build communities and solve social problems across North America. Tied to innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, impact investing achieves philanthropic outcomes and provides a compelling way to engage donors while improving a foundation’s bottom line. This session looks at the motivations and outcomes of impact investments, including organizational tradeoffs and staffing needs. Learn more about sustainable financing and examples of program related investments to leverage and attract scarce resources.
Trisha Finnegan, Vice President of Impact and Mission, Community Foundation of Louisville
Anne McEnanyPresident and CEO, International Community Foundation
Brian TollerBoard Director, Community Foundations of Canada
Tim FergusonFounder & CEO, Next Street

Tools For Mapping Progress on the SDGs | Emperatriz 3

The work of community foundations already connects to many of the 17 SDGs. As part of an international philanthropic movement, community foundations have an opportunity to further leverage our knowledge, partners, and programs such as Vital Signs, in common purpose with others — connecting our efforts locally to a broader vision to improve the world around us. This interactive workshop will explore how community foundations can use mapping tools (Vital Signs and the STAR Community Rating System) to facilitate SDG measurement in a local context, while also gaining a sense of SDG priorities across North America.
Julia Howell,Vice President, Toronto Foundation
Sarah OwenPresident and CEO, Southwest Florida Community Foundation
Sandra RichardsonCEO, Victoria Foundation
Andrea DicksChief Operating Officer, Community Foundations of Canada

Closing Plenary | Emperador 2–4
Multi-sectoral partnerships are key to sustainability

4:30 – 6:00 pm

If the philanthropic sector is truly committed to large-scale impact and delivering on the SDG agenda, we must engage others along the way. Goal 17 on partnerships highlights that collaboration across multiple sectors is needed to make meaningful progress on the SDGs. How can community foundations form new alliances individually and contribute as a network? How can we act as a strong, diverse and unifying force for all sectors? How do external partners view us, and what are they looking for in a partner? This panel will share perspectives from across the foundation world, as well as from the non-profit and private sectors, about how community foundations as partners can drive social change locally and globally.

  • Adrián Aguirre Director, Fundación Empresarial Chihuahuense
  • Paloma Adams-Allen President & CEO, Inter-American Foundation // Presedenta y Directora, Inter-American Foundation
  • Ian Bird President, Community Foundations of Canada // Presidente, Community Foundations of Canada
  • Ridgway White President, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation // Presidente, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • Julia Sánchez President & CEO, Canadian Council for International Co-operation // Presidente-CEO del Canadian Council for International Co-operation