NACF Summit - February 5-6, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico. Leaving No One Behind

Schedule – Day One

Monday, February 5

Welcome and Opening Plenary | Emperador 2–4
Leaving No One Behind: Achieving the global goals together

9:00 – 11:00 am

What are the Sustainable Development Goals and how will we achieve them by 2030? If we want to leave no one behind and accomplish ambitious targets like ending extreme poverty, we need big ideas. We will kick off the North American Community Foundations Summit with global experts who will pitch ways to achieve these targets, especially Goal 1 of ending extreme poverty across North America. The Global Goals provide us all with an opportunity to build alliances that help improve the planet, while facilitating collaboration between governments, civil society, communities and countries.

  • Chris Whatley Executive Director, United Nations Association of the United States (UN Foundation)
  • Kevin McCort Board Member, Community Foundations of Canada; President & CEO, Vancouver Foundation // Miembro de la Junta, Community Foundations of Canada; Presidente y Director General, Fundación de Vancouver
  • April Davies Senior Regional Manager (Latin America), // Gerente Regional Senior (América Latina),, U.S.A.
  • Tony Pipa Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development Brookings Institution // Miembro Superior, Global Economy & Development, Brookings Institution
  • Leila Janah Founder & CEO, Samasource // Fundadora y Directora General de Samasource
  • Carlos Zarco Mera President, Consejo Técnico Social de AMEXCID // Presidente, Consejo Técnico Social de AMEXCID

Concurrent Sessions A

11:30 – 1:00 pm

Achieving global goals in rural communities: Needs and opportunities | Emperador 1

Rural communities are often left behind when it comes to investment in technology, education, economic development and social services. This session explores how community foundations can work with rural communities and help families gain appropriate access to resources they need in Canada, Mexico and the United States.
Angela Bishop, Board member, Community Foundations of Canada; Executive Director, Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
Adriana CortesDirector, Fundación Comunitaria del Bajio
Jeff YostPresident & CEO, Nebraska Community Foundation
Tony PipaSenior Fellow, Global Economy and Development, Brookings Institution

Community foundations and their cities: Leading locally together | Emperador 2

Communities today are becoming more urbanized with over half the global population now living in cities. Urbanization has created some of our most pressing development challenges, as well as tremendous opportunities for advancing sustainable development. This session looks at how community foundations can partner with public and private entities to reimagine our cities. The conversation will focus on the benefits of urban sustainability, and how to maximize impact by aligning philanthropic resources with public and private dollars.
JP Bervoets, Vice President, Community Foundations of Canada
Erika LaveagaDirector, Fundación Comundar, Monterrey, Nvo. Leon
R.T. RybakCEO, Minneapolis Foundation
Ana Marie ArgilagosPresident, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Truly leaving no one behind | Emperatriz 3

If we truly want to leave no one behind, we must ensure marginalized groups of all kinds are included in our societies. This session will unpack the challenges for diversity, equity and inclusion in Canadian, Mexican and American communities. Hear from funders and local leaders about how to leverage the assets of individuals who may feel left behind, including immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, people of color, and women.
Laura GarciaExecutive Director, Semillas
Lourdes Marquéz de la CallejaMedia Relations & Strategy Manager, Foundation ONCE
Sara Lyons, Vice President, Community Foundations of Canada
Rachel PericExecutive Director, Welcoming America
Natalie Ross, Vice President of External Relations, Council on Foundations

Migration, immigration, multiculturalism and nativism: Defining “we” in North America | Emperador 2-4

Mexico, Canada and the United States are all multicultural countries with unique migration and immigration stories, but we each face challenges to integration. This session addresses the role that community foundations can play in supporting the integration of newcomers, immigrants and refugees. Speakers will also discuss how to counter the rhetoric of nativism in our countries and strengthen a sense of belonging while working to achieve the Global Goals and leave no one behind.
Elisa de la VaraChief Community Officer, Arizona Community Foundation
Yvan Gauthier, Board Member, Community Foundations of Canada; CEO, Foundation of Greater Montreal
Dr. Carlos HerediaAssociate Professor, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics
Terri MosquedaDirector of donor relations, California Community Foundation

Concurrent Sessions B

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Bottom-up approach: Strengthening all voices at the local level | Emperador 1

The act of people coming together to discuss issues that matter to them is critical to driving progress and building resilient communities. When decisions about a community are made, it’s also important for the voices of all members of society to be heard and included. In this session, hear how community foundations are working closely with all members of their communities, including those often not included, to support them as leaders of change and stewards of community development. Learn about several different approaches to resident engagement, including an initiative called On The Table helping to inform grantmaking and connect more people to a larger community vision of leaving no one behind.
Andrew Chunilall, CEO, Community Foundations of Canada
Cheryl HughesSenior Director, Community Engagement Chicago Community Trust
Luis RuizDirector, Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca
Lilly WeinbergDirector of Community Philanthropy Knight Foundation

Poverty: Overcoming systemic barriers in our communities | Emperador 2-4

[Download slides from David Doig]
[Download slides from Spencer Duncanson]
[Download slides from Juan Martín Pérez García]

There are many systemic barriers that perpetuate cycles of poverty. While some foundations address these barriers directly by helping individuals gain educational qualifications or access financial systems, other foundations focus on using social innovation to reduce poverty and create systems change. Join this session to hear about poverty eradication strategies supported by foundations in Mexico, Canada and the United States.
Susan BarryPresident & CEO, Community Foundation of Louisville
Dave DoigDirector, Grants & Community Initiatives Vancouver Foundation
Spencer DuncansonBoard Member, Community Foundations of Canada
Juan Martín Pérez GarcíaExecutive Director, Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México
Lorena Vasquez OrdazCountry Director (Mexico), Hunger Project México
Terry Cooke, Board Member, Community Foundations of Canada; President & CEO, Hamilton Community Foundation

The role of philanthropy in protecting against climate change and natural disasters | Emperatriz 2

[Download slides — Heather Grady]
[Download slides — Arthur Bull]

Climate change is eroding coastal cities across North America and increasing the occurrence of natural disasters that are destroying homes, cities and lives. Recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and areas of the Caribbean highlight just how impactful the effects of climate change can be. What preventative measures for disaster relief are currently underway within our countries, and how can community foundations help? This session looks at some of the opportunities and partnerships that can be further leveraged to protect the future of life as we know it, including in rural and more vulnerable communities.
Javier Alberto Soto, Board Chair, Council on Foundations; President & CEO, The Miami Foundation

Arthur BullFoundation Chair, Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia
Nelson ColonPresident & CEO, Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Sergio Graf MonteroPresident, El Fondo Noroeste AC; Director, Instituto de Energias Renovables, UdeG
Heather GradyVice President, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Trade and jobs: New approaches to workforce development, locally and transnationally | Emperatriz 3

Stable employment and creating new jobs are both critical challenges facing many communities in Mexico, Canada and the United States. How can we encourage sustainable economic growth? What does the status of NAFTA negotiations and global trade mean for local jobs? This session will explore trends in workforce development and economic growth, while also discussing the future of NAFTA, how sustainability can strengthen local workforces, and new ideas like the circular economy.
Stephanie PotterSenior Director, Sustainability & Circular Economy Program, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Kelly RyanPresident and CEO, Incourage Foundation
Julia SánchezPresident & CEO, Canadian Council for International Co-operation
Natalie Ross, Vice President of External Relations, Council on Foundations

Plenary #2 | Emperador 2–4
Reducing Inequality in North America: What will it take?

4:30 – 6:00 pm

Inequality is a critical issue impacting American, Canadian and Mexican societies in different ways. Income inequality and inequitable access to education and health, especially for women and people of color, represent a growing divide within and across our countries. What are the drivers and potential solutions to fight increasing inequality? And what role can and does philanthropy play in reducing the spread of inequitable access to resources and opportunities in our communities?

  • Chike Aguh CEO, EveryoneOn // Director General de EveryoneOn
  • Dr. Abel Bosum Grand Chief, Grand Council of the Crees // Gran Jefe, Grand Council of the Crees
  • Saúl Arellano Director of OperationsEstudios e Investigación en Desarrollo y Asistencia Social
  • Vikki Spruill President & CEO, Council on Foundations // Presidenta y CEO del Council on Foundations
  • Sarah Eagle-Heart CEO, Native Americans in Philanthropy // Directora Ejecutivo, Native Americans in Philanthropy

Gala Dinner

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Experience a view of Mexico City unlike any other atop the 51st floor ballroom of the Torre Mayor building, within walking distance of the Summit hotel. Dine in style at this extraordinary evening gala featuring world-class Mexican entertainment. Please note that semi-formal attire is recommended.