A shared statement: North American Philanthropy—United to Leave No One Behind

A shared statement: North American Philanthropy—United to Leave No One Behind

Coming out of this transformative summit, we want to ensure that the energy created continues to guide and inspire our work in our respective communities. Community Foundations of Canada, Comunalia and Council on Foundations invite you to join our signatories in endorsing the following statement of solidarity by giving your name as a sign of your commitment to working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

As philanthropic leaders from across North America, we are united in our commitment to build sustainable and welcoming communities that ‘leave no one behind.’ Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, we will continue to work to reduce poverty, increase opportunity, build resilient economies, and protect the natural environment in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Community foundations are critically important local leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge to driving change locally. To address the systemic challenges impacting our communities, we are committed to building coalitions with government, business, the nonprofit sector and others to bring together local voices and create a world that is more equitable for future generations.

In 2018 and beyond, we must connect with, learn from and share our experiences with peers around the world. More than ever, the challenges we face are universal and span across geographic borders.

Today, we are also more connected globally than ever before. Rather than succumb to any desire to turn inward, we believe our collective power lies in building learning bridges across the divides that often disconnect us, and empowering a global community where solutions span not just borders, but cultures, ethnicities, religions, politics, racial and economic backgrounds.
Out of this historic summit in Mexico City, we commit to strengthening global connections that help us improve the quality of life for all in our communities.


Name // Nombre: Organization // Organización:
Alberto Morales García Fundacion Comunitaria de Matamoros
Ana Marie Argilagos Hispanics in Philanthropy
Andy Carey US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership
Angela Bishop Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
Angela Venza International Youth Foundation
Anne McEnany International Community Foundation
Betsy Covington Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley
Brian Toller Community Foundations of Canada
Caroline Auvinet Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco
Charles McCain author and journalist
Chris Whatley The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA)
Dana Arviso Potlatch Fund
Daren Nordhagen Foundant Technologies
David Perez Rulfo Corporativa de Fundaciones
Deborah Irvine Vancouver Foundation
Diana Chávarri Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte
Emmett D. Carson Ph.D. Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Erik Friend Drake Comunidad A.C.
Erika laveaga Fundacion para unir y dar ac
Eva Friesen Calgary Foundation
Gemma Iñiguez Flores Corporativa de Fundaciones AC
Gerardo Perez Retana Fundacion Merced Queretaro A.C.
Gracia Goya Hispanics in Philanthropy
Isabel Hernández Vega Comunidad A.C.
Ixanar Uriza Corporativa de Fundaciones
J Clinton Mabie Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Javier Soto The Miami Foundation
Jessica LaBonte Community Foundations of Canada
JP Bervoets Community Foundations of Canada
Juan Carlos Ruiz Comunalia
Julia Howell Toronto Foundation
Kathy Calvin UN Foundation
Kelly Ryan Incourage
Kevin K. Murphy Berks County Cmunity Foundation
Kimberly Richardson Kimberly Richardson Consulting
Laurel Carlton Community Foundations of Canada
Lauren Kugler Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley
Lesley Inglis Community Foundations of Canada
Lisa Ashner Adkins Blue Grass Community Foundation
Lisa Schalla Fundación Punta de Mita
Lopa Mehrotra Community Foundation of Louisville
Lourdes Inga International Funders for Indigenous Peoples Inc.
Lourdes Márquez de la Calleja Fundación ONCE
Luis Ruiz Saucedo Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca A.C.
María Isabel Hernández Vega Comunidad A.C.
Martha Shelley Fundación Merced Queretaro
Mary Ann Gabino Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Melissa Stevens Cultural Survival
Michael Buhr Community Foundations of Canada
Michele Frix Seattle Foundation
Michelle R. Prater North Georgia Community Foundation
Mike Kane Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
Molly Kunkel Centre Foundation
Myra Virgil Bermuda Community Foundation
Nancy Van Milligen Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Nick Deychakiwsky Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Oscar Sarabia Corporativa de Fundaciones CF
Paul Velaski Silicon Valley Community Foundation
R.T. Rybak The Minneapolis Foundation
Rasool Rayani Community Foundations of Canada
Renu Kapp CFC
Ridgway H. White Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Roberto Apud Abud Merrill Lynch
Rocío Rodríguez FESAC – Fundación del Empresariado Sonorense
Sabina Echeverri Chollet Corporativa de Fundaciones
Sally Ng The Triple Effect
Sandra Richardson Victoria Foundation
Sarah Owen Southwest Florida Community Foundation
Sondra Shaw Hardy Women’s Giving Circles International
Steven G. Seleznow Arizona Community Foundation
Stuart Comstock-Gay Delaware Community Foundation
Tim Ferguson Next Street
Tina Barton Community Foundations of Canada
Tony Pipa The Brookings Institution
Tracey Vavrek Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta
Walker Sanders Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
William Burfitt National University
Yolanda Escalante Fundacion DAR MAS
Yvan Gauthier Fondation du Grand Montréal